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Dear Fellow OHV Enthusiast  

I want to update you on the latest meeting that I attended with the Coconino Forest Department and Stakeholders that took place 10-23-2018 in Sedona. The meeting was to move forward on the decisions related to Fossil Creek usage and the access via Forest Road 708 from Strawberry. The permit system has worked to reduce the litter and the over crowding that was damaging the beautiful and pristine scenery.  

When APS stopped maintaining the road no one stepped in to keep the road open. Rock slides and wash outs have damaged the road extensively.  

As an OHV rider myself, I always loved being able to ride Forest Rd 708, through the Fossil Creek corridor and continue to the Verde River for lunch. Our club has been the major advocated opening Forest Road 708 along with PS Fire Department Chief Gary Morris. Chief Morris has travel to Washington DC and has Senator Gosar on our side. 

One of the options that the Forest Department has presented is to open 708 to motorized OHV travel only. This option has not met much objection and has had some support from the other stakeholders. I am confident that we have a real good chance of this happening. 

A few more steps are going to have to happen, but it will be worth it. 

Cindy Maack

President RCR



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