Update from the President

Rim Country Riders

As you may know, the trail south of town has been blocked. I have been working on different approaches to this probable. Mike Brant has sent 2 letters to Lynn Reed asking if she is willing to sell the property, no answer has been received to date. We have hired an attorney declaring that it is a “Prescribed Easement”. The problem with that approach is she has more money than we do to go to court. You can get grants to buy property for access but not for attorney’s fees.

I now am asking the Payson Ranger District for access past the Reed’s property but until then of course we can use the highway for a couple of miles. New trails require NEPA studies before any access will be granted.

Fossil Creek is still undecide. It is the Crowning Jewel of our rides. I belong to the Fossil Creek Work Group that is involved with the decision making at the Coconino Forest District. I am one among all the environmentalist and it is a battle, but I don’t give up easily.

I am working on trying to get some maintenance on other trails, that I now hear we may lose when the Travel Management finally comes out, that was due 5yrs ago.

Our club is going through some changes of the focus and structure. Please continue to support the efforts to keep our trails open. We will have a general meeting in June and give you updates and details at that time.


Legislative updates:

The classification for Off Road Vehicles has been change to 80 inches.

Nonresident may now buy Arizona Off Road Decal for only $25.00.                      This money will go into the pool of money that we can access through grants.



Cindy Maack

President Rim Country Riders

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