News Update February 10, 2016

Great News-

1. Old Country Rd. is again OK for use. Gate is unlocked. This was one of our main access points to local Trails.
    Property owner was not the one who blocked off. You may have to ride around debris pile, til it’s removed
2. FR708 to Fossil Creek. Cindy Maack had a BIG meeting with the Forest Service, Major Politicians, Tribal Council, Etc.
    She proposed making this (currently closed)  route an ATV trail. There was absolutely no opposition to the proposal!!!
    There are other obstacles and there is still a Long way to go on this, but this is a very positive step!
    Club would be responsible for trash cleanup, etc.    Wouldn’t this be just Awesome!
3. Big Event Coming!  Full Weekend Ride Event – Punkin’ Center to Young, thru the Mountains, with a “Shoot ‘n Scoot”-
    A Shooting & Riding event thru the Young area, hosted by Cherry Creek Lodge. This will be our big overnite event.
    Lodge, Hotels and RV sites are avail. Date to be announced- for this Summer.
4. Your Board is working on our 2016 Calendar. Please email us with any input & new ride ideas !
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