All OHV Enthusiast in the area of Pine/Strawberry

Please join us at the Bandit in Strawberry on June 2, 2018


Happy Hour Drink Prices

We will be discussing the current trails and what the club is currently working on.

This will be a opportunity to meet other riders and share favorite trail rides. Meet new and old friends to arrange independent rides.

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Update from the President

Rim Country Riders

As you may know, the trail south of town has been blocked. I have been working on different approaches to this probable. Mike Brant has sent 2 letters to Lynn Reed asking if she is willing to sell the property, no answer has been received to date. We have hired an attorney declaring that it is a “Prescribed Easement”. The problem with that approach is she has more money than we do to go to court. You can get grants to buy property for access but not for attorney’s fees.

I now am asking the Payson Ranger District for access past the Reed’s property but until then of course we can use the highway for a couple of miles. New trails require NEPA studies before any access will be granted.

Fossil Creek is still undecide. It is the Crowning Jewel of our rides. I belong to the Fossil Creek Work Group that is involved with the decision making at the Coconino Forest District. I am one among all the environmentalist and it is a battle, but I don’t give up easily.

I am working on trying to get some maintenance on other trails, that I now hear we may lose when the Travel Management finally comes out, that was due 5yrs ago.

Our club is going through some changes of the focus and structure. Please continue to support the efforts to keep our trails open. We will have a general meeting in June and give you updates and details at that time.


Legislative updates:

The classification for Off Road Vehicles has been change to 80 inches.

Nonresident may now buy Arizona Off Road Decal for only $25.00.                      This money will go into the pool of money that we can access through grants.



Cindy Maack

President Rim Country Riders

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Old County Road Update January 2017

Hello Members,
The fight to re-open Old County Road continues.  We are continuing our law
suit against the Reeds for closing Old County Road illegally.  The next
required step is to have the road surveyed.  The surveyor sent us a 1934 map
of Old County Road (attached).  This verifies that Old County Road was the
way into Pine before the completion of Highway 87, therefore proving this
has always been a public road.

I will keep you updated as this issue progresses.
Linda Oyas

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Fossil Creek Update January 2017

Hello Members,
The fight continues to re-open Forest Road (FR) 708 from Strawberry to Fossil Creek.  As you all know, Cindy and I attended a meeting/workshop last week with the Coconino National Forest rangers regarding Alternatives to re-open FR 708,  We are pushing for Alternative E, which will allow OHV’s access to Fossil Creek via FR 708.
Besides attending this meeting, Cindy is a member of the Action Team Planning Group, which consists of Coconino Forest Service staff, engineers, business communities, NEPA representatives, etc.  This is a private planning group, whereas the public is not invited.  Cindy is on the Finance Committee, which is looking into the costs to maintain FR 708 and the Fossil Creek area.
As most of you know, our club was initially formed to join together to get FR 708 re-opened.  It has now been 5 years since it’s closure, and we continue the fight.  We want to thank you for all of your continued support and participation.
Linda Oyas
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Hello Members,

Great News!
Cindy, Bernie, & Sharon Nuding met with Dennis Smith, a trail blazer from Northwest Woodland Services, Inc. on May 5, 2016. Cindy, Bernie & Dennis rode their OHV’s down the new Tonto Bridge Loop Trail. Dennis surveyed the work that needed to be done to make the trail from Pine to the Tonto Bridge ridable. The cost will be around $40,000.00 to do this.

Our next step is to hire a “grant writer” to write the grant for the money necessary to complete this task.

Before we can submit the grant, the Tonto National Forest Service Supervisor must approve and sign the Travel Management Plan that is sitting on his desk. The Tonto Bridge Loop Trail is on the Plan.

We realize that this has been a slow process, but when it is necessary to get approval from government entities, the process can drag-on for quite sometime. We all have had to be patient.

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News Update February 10, 2016

Great News-

1. Old Country Rd. is again OK for use. Gate is unlocked. This was one of our main access points to local Trails.
    Property owner was not the one who blocked off. You may have to ride around debris pile, til it’s removed
2. FR708 to Fossil Creek. Cindy Maack had a BIG meeting with the Forest Service, Major Politicians, Tribal Council, Etc.
    She proposed making this (currently closed)  route an ATV trail. There was absolutely no opposition to the proposal!!!
    There are other obstacles and there is still a Long way to go on this, but this is a very positive step!
    Club would be responsible for trash cleanup, etc.    Wouldn’t this be just Awesome!
3. Big Event Coming!  Full Weekend Ride Event – Punkin’ Center to Young, thru the Mountains, with a “Shoot ‘n Scoot”-
    A Shooting & Riding event thru the Young area, hosted by Cherry Creek Lodge. This will be our big overnite event.
    Lodge, Hotels and RV sites are avail. Date to be announced- for this Summer.
4. Your Board is working on our 2016 Calendar. Please email us with any input & new ride ideas !
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